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about us


The Boar Haus is an open concept business recently launched by founders, "Bacon" and Brie.  The Haus gives clients the opportunity to enjoy the variety of services that we offer and the unique perspective that we bring to each of our projects. Rather than keep the interior design, retail, travel, or culinary elements as individual "homes", we decided to put them all under one roof with the common theme of enhancing one's life. We look forward to building this haus with you and promise to deliver authentic, high-quality inspiration every step of the way.


history of the Boar

The Bacon Boar is on the family crest of Elizabeth "Bacon" Bacon, our founder. The original crest carries the family motto, "mediocria firma" or "strength in the middle ground." Some define the meaning as it relates to military strategy. Known in medieval times as the weakest point of an assembled army, the middle ground was where leaders would send the strongest or most courageous soldiers as they were the most likely to die. Alternatively, it is also translated as "strength in the middle of the road" and refers to finding the middle ground as the most peaceful and harmonious approach thus allowing for long life. As a descendant of Sir Francis Bacon and several other notable history-makers and business leaders, she wanted to honor her family history and the legacy that they left behind as part of an old world of honor, tradition, strength, and family.  Her aesthetic demonstrates these values and love of history, while balancing the new and modern.

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The Kitchen Table Concept


When creating Boar Haus, we knew that we had a couple goals; to build not just one concept but many; to create a structure where those businesses and the people involved with them could thrive; that every person involved would follow their passion and nothing less; and that every owner/member would be considered family. With those goals in mind, we created what we have dubbed a "for-profit business cooperative." Members work for the businesses and share in its profits with a governing board that is made up of primary shareholders. 

Life is too short to work with strangers.

The only rule for members: you must identify and pursue your passion. By ensuring that everyone is doing only what they love, we create a culture that reinforces fun and fulfillment as an everyday occurrence. Each business supports activities of the other and each person is supporting efforts of the other. Once a month the members come together at a large kitchen table to discuss the progress, problems, and solutions for the haus. As Boar Haus grows, so will the services it offers. 

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Traverse Travel Co. {Coming soon}

We all have those moments in our life when all we want to do is get away, start over, or just exit stage left for awhile. In those critical moments when change is required, Traverse provides a safe, inspiring, and transformative experience abroad and within the United States. Large group or small, short trip or long, leaving today or in three months - choose your adventure! We'll make sure you never look at the world (or your life) the same way again.


Kiln Branding Agency

The Kiln is our in-haus branding agency. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. With a small but mighty team of professionals with a combined 40 years of graphic design, digital media, business strategy, and fundraising experience; we deliver results. 

We want Boar Haus to stand for family - a family of businesses and products that make a person’s life more fun, creative, and ultimately more fulfilling.
— Elizabeth Bacon, Founder & Owner

B.H. Boutique

B.H. Boutique brings our love of high-quality goods for the home and lifestyle into the marketplace. Working with the best local and national brands as well as antique sellers, we pride ourselves on finding unique pieces to fit in your life. Our boutique is located in the heart of Midtown in Sacramento, CA, America's Farm-to-Fork Capital.


Estate Planning | Real Estate | Interior Design

A one-stop shop estate planning experience that begins with a will or trust and ends with a simpler way to live. We offer a unique approach to planning that takes the pain and uncomfortable moments out of the discussion, leaving you to enjoy retirement and whatever comes next.

Owl + Boar {Coming Soon}

Owl + Boar is a dapper pop-up bar experience complete with food and liquor pairings. We come to you and provide a unique, entertaining, and educational option for you and your guests. Tired of the same old parties? Want something fresh and new? Ask Owl + Boar to host. Options include scotch tastings, bourbon pairings, and shrub makings to name a few. 





Have a project you want us to work on? Let us know the basics and we can go from there.